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Industrial Relations

Industrial Relations

Because we are dealing with a complex industrial system, and every employee is different, it’s easy for problems to start out simple but then become difficult.

That’s when you need professional advice. The wrong advice can cost not just a lot of money, but also time, energy and the reputation of your service.

Legal - We are able to provide a range of legal services in the industrial relations area.

Dispute Resolution – We are able to assist you with resolving disputes concerning the terms and conditions of employment agreements.  These include grievance procedures, mediation, negotiation, conciliation and arbitration.

Representation – We are able to represent you in matters pertaining to Equal Employment Opportunity cases, unfair dismissal hearings, unlawful dismissal hearings, Adverse Action hearings, magistrates and federal court claims and in the preparation of EBAs. 

Assistance in Disciplinary Action – We can prepare the relevant correspondence and attend the meetings to assist you with disciplinary action of your employees.

Assistance with roster changes - We can prepare the relevant documentation and attend meetings with staff and other stakeholders

Dealing with Redundancy - We can ensure that you follow the correct procedures during the redundancy process.

We can also assist with the following:

  • Management of serious misconduct allegations
  • Wages and conditions audits and reviews
  • Restructure of staffing